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Clara Métivier Beukes

Clara Métivier Beukes

Group Marketing Manager

Professional Experience

French-born but South African by adoption, since 2000, Clara has over 25 years of experience in management and marketing. She draws on the foundations of traditional marketing and then transitioned her skills to a digital marketing mindset. Her experience ranges from brand building, marketing strategy, customer management as well as product management.

In January 2022, she joined Cerba Lancet Africa to develop the future marketing ecosystem across Africa. The role ranges from brand building to creating and deploying a marketing communications strategy for the entire patient journey, across all channels, in a cohesive manner across the network.

Prior to joining Cerba Lancet Africa, she gained most of her experience in the motoring industry, broadening her international experience across 3 continents. She graduated from ESG Paris (France) and holds an MBA from Abertay Dundee University (Scotland/UK)

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